Thursday, 5 August 2010

I just want to write down something. Some random things that no one can understand except me. Like the good old days.

I just want to walk around the old quarters with a camera, capturing moments around like I used to do.

I want to hide behind my best friend’s back, driving on shady roads, singing along a favourite song.

I want someday I will stay up late, not for working but for drowning myself in PHN’s stories, feeling depressed and vulnerable for some weird and strange feelings again.

I want to bury myself in an armchair in Highland’s a winter day, warming my hands up by wrapping them around the side of a hot chocolate cup.

I want to look at tender “him” from his back, watching him walk and laugh out loud.

I want “my little sun” to come back as soon as possible.

But now, I am sitting here, on my own, and deny salty drops staying inside then let it play truant through the corner of my eyes…


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