From Chung be. When I asked him to write me an endorsement for my VP application form, I didnt expect that I would receive such nice words. I know I’m not that good. But I know I need to try my best :)

To remember <3

To whom it may concern,

Working with Ms. Pham Tran Thanh in Project Based on Exchange nearly one year, it is an honor for me to endorse her to apply to AIESEC Vice President of Project Management position, according the following reasons:

1. LOGICAL THINKING: honestly, I didn’t see this characteristic much before I worked directly with her last summer. There were many times I had to answer reasons why we need to do this, or make me ask myself again why need to do this. She always ask me explain and after all, without her thinking, I can not lead both of projects right way, balance between Entrepreneurship’s style and Step Up’s style last summer.

2. CARING and SUPPORTIVE: those are what you definitely found when you connect with her. Moreover, let’s see how other members in Step up project behave with her. Personally, if I had a chance, I would like to become her member, to live and work with her in my AIESEC’s life.

3. PASSIONATE: if you don’t work with her directly, or member in Step Up project, it will be very hard to figure out, to see how workload she faces now, how hard she did try and keep forward AIESEC’s life each day until now. It is a magical thing. Wish that when becoming a leader, she can share this value for her members. With all the characteristics above, I believe SHE can be a good leader in the future to lead AIESEC Hanoi Project Based on Exchange to future success.


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