Vì sao dạo này hay đọc tạp văn của Nick D….

… để lúc thì khóc lóc lúc thì cười sằng sặc lúc nửa đêm =))

Nick needs love. So he’s looking for a lover. He’s got a type. Very simple.

That person should be beautiful, or at least cute enough to look at and smile.

That person should have a brain, a smart one. Someone that could hold a proper conversation. With a good sense of humor.

That person should be good in bed. Definitely.

That person should know how to dress. A good sense of humor and appreciation for nice clothes is very important.

That person should have good social skills. Communication is extremely important these days.

Some special talents is preferable.

That person should appreciate Nick’s circle of friends, but also should enjoy a night in sometimes with just nice music and a dinner for two cooked by Nick.

Ah, music. That person should appreciate Nick’s music, which is everything, literally.

Sensitivity, sensibility, flexibility. Very important qualities.

Also, that person must speak very good English. Another language, like French, or Korean, is appreciated.

That person should smoke. And drink.

See, Nick’s got a broad taste. Easy easy.

In fact, he just realizes that he’s been describing himself. No wonder why he’s been alone his whole life, ’cause nobody could match.



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