Day: February 21, 2011

The light.

For “Người luôn biết xen vào cuộc sống những hơi thở không đều”…

(Just think that Vietnamese would be too “sến” for this post)


Maybe today is our last day. I mean. Just… a day :). I will miss you a lot. I do.

This morning when you laughed and said that: “I’ve heard that you are fed up with this period already so I’ll do it fast to not waste time”, I naturally took a bow and laughed but inside, I broke my heart. That bow was a lie. I’m always good at pretending and hiding my feelings. Actually I’ve never ever wanted it to end, you know. I want it to end soon just because I realize that I’ve taken a lot of your time, been so annoying with emails, calls, meetings. Even when you were busy like hell, even when you were sick, I was just like a “con không biết điều”. :) “I wish I could manage things well without taking any minute of your time. I really wish I could…”

You truly did a great job :).  Even when you drove me mad sometimes, it’s still safe and sound to have you around. Every time I find myself unstable, every time I feel things go wrong, I close my eyes I think that: “You’re still here supporting me. So it’ll be okay soon!”. Sometimes when I feel so tired and demotivated that I just wanna be alone, I still cannot help laughing being with you, feeling so relaxed. Things always turn out to be so simple after that, like I figure out what to do with them. You are my inspiration :). I lean so much on it that sometimes I think how could I move on without you?

I will miss you. The way you sat opposite to me, drawing timeline on Excel with concentration. The way you made that ridiculous face every time I answered your questions, which always made me laughed immediately. The way you smiled and said: “5 minutes break ok?” then you checked your emails and facebook and laughed relaxingly. The way you told me: “It’s okay! No need to worry”. The way you recognized and encouraged me just by a few-word-email :). The way you smiled. The way you told some jokes. The way the air seemed like moving whenever you presented. Those things have eased all my tiredness you know. :) I always believe in you :). It’s good to have a light to follow when you get lost. You are my light :). Far away, but I know I’m safe as long as I still see it :).

When stepping out of the coffee shop this afternoon, I dropped some tears and talked to myself that I should learn to start doing everything without you beside me. I should. Like chair team meeting without you. Deal with my TLs on my own. Stand demotivation with no “Không sao đâu” any more. Even learn how to draw timeline on Excel also =). Ah find someone to lean on :)). You are not with me any more :). That’s the truth I have to accept and get used to it. When you’re gone, there would be a new start for both you and me. You will go far, like the way you never stop moving. May you put your feet on some other lands around the world. May you find you passion. May you succeed. :) Others may wish you’d have challenges to grasp and develop on your way, but for me, I just hope the way you walk on will be smooth and full with shade :). For me, things’ll be hard at the beginning, I know, but I’ll be fine soon. Very soon. And I will go far with what you’ve taught me :).

You know, I’m sooooo proud of you, dear! To me, you are a very special person. And I may be the luckiest girl in the world to find my inspiration in such a beautiful and special way :). Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

I intend to write you an email like I intended thousands of times before. I have thousands of words to say :)). But finally, I decide to keep them here with me. That’s enough. For forever. :)

And if you say Be alright,

I’m gonna trust you, babe…

And if you say Be alright,

I’ll follow you into the light… :)