I just can’t help crying in the middle of the night… Seeing my member still working hard…

Tonight, I even told him to delete his post on Facebook as I thought it would do harm to our new members and externals. I knew that he just wanted to make some joke but I was tough on that as I wanted him to see himself not only as a member but also as a representative of this organization.

Tonight, I even told him that I was not his direct leader so he shouldn’t communicate with me about  functional tasks and decide on my decision without the awareness of his direct leader. I just want to make sure  later on, when he is a leader of any team or organization, his members wont do that way to him.

Tonight, I even told him that this would be the last time I supported him in doing some materials. I told him that it was awkward to ask leaders to do his tasks, that it didnt include in my JD. Well, sure, I could surely do those task to make him feel more comfortable with less workload. But I didnt. I just wanted him to see his responsibility in everything he has planned. Even if he failed, he could learn. It’s better than supporting him over and over again and the lesson for him is nothing.

After my feedback for him, he still laughed and said that he understood. Then he got back to his hard work with enthusiasm, staying very late just checking our project fan page and prepare a status that wont do harm to anybody to post on that fan page =).

It’ just a status but I see a great effort and responsibility.

Then I was crying while keep typing  this =) and this : )) to the skype window with him…


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