Day: June 8, 2011


These days remind me so much of the good old days. I even cried in the middle of the night just because of reading some old posts on Facebook. Lame huh? :)

I opened my inbox, typing a long long long email, asking you a lot of questions. It was just… In one moment, I felt like wanting to tell you so much, about this, about that, about all the concerns that was dancing randomly in my head. In one moment, I felt like the day when I typed a message: “I’m going to have an important meeting. Wish me luck!” then saved it back in my inbox. In one moment, I felt like I could set aside all my pride just to be safe and sound leaning on you like the good old days… In one moment, I felt like I was missing you. Is it fun? :)

The night was so silent that I could smell the scent of the rain flowing into my room through windows. That I could hear clearly the sound of my fingers touching on the keyboard. Memories made me realize my present when you are not with me any more.

I pressed Discard, deleting my long long long email right after I reached the last word.

I can do it without you. I surely can.



Your life is glamorous, isn’t it? Much more than when I was with you. Am I right to say?

Why don’t you just let me go? Why do you keep chasing me…?