Month: February 2012

Áp lực.

Đang cố gắng vô cùng để có thể mạnh mẽ hơn những ngày này…


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Yesterday, I was coming late for the planning meeting after lunch. When I went up stair, my incoming EB was discussing something related to handover party. And today I received an invitation email to Handover party next week.

I was reminded of the time when I stayed up soooo late, searching photos of Chung, good ones and dim – hang ones =), making clip without any knowledge about Proshow Gold, writing post card… I was crying so much and getting so damn depressed after his leaving. I thought I couldn’t move on.

But then, in the end of the day, when I’m gonna attending a handover party for my generation, I suddenly find out that he is no longer the one that I think of to find motivation. He is no longer the one I turn to find myself save and sound. When I got MC result some days ago, I was crying my heart out but didn’t think of him for an encouragement like I used to.

When I think of him now, it’s the same respect and appreciation. But different motivation. So that’s it. Things will go with the flow. Life changes and we need to move on no matter what.

“It’s not about how many steps that we walk together, it’s about how deep each footprint is.”