Pre departure syndromes.

It has been raining non stop for almost a week. As far as I remember, it often starts raining a lot at the beginning of July. Minh Nhat once wrote: “Những ngày tháng 7 là những ngày mưa nhiều nhất” (“Days of July are the days it rain the most”). I feel like the raining season comes earlier in Hanoi this year because it knows that I cannot wait until July :).

I do not favor this weather, it’s wet and dirty, people cannot dress beautifully due to the fact that they will look like just a mess sneaking out of the raincoat. For all my life, I always love summer and sunshine. But I guess these days and the rain are what I am gonna miss the most. I am gonna miss Hanoi so bad, perhaps much more than I miss my family and friends, because I know the sky and sunshine in Doha will be so different… so different… :)


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