Darling, I wish you were here.

Having a fever in this melting hot weather in Doha is not a good idea. I forgot to mention, the AC in our room is not working.

My friend gave me some pills yesterday and told me that I would feel amazing after taking them. Yes, I did feel amazing. My sleep was amazing. It was even so amazing that my eyes refused to open this morning =.=. Tons of work are waiting and my eyes are not opening and my brain is not functioning well =.=. I wonder if I took the wrong pills.

But the feeling of being surrounded by those moments is lovely, when you know you are cared and loved. Distance is not a big deal to be mentioned.

Everyday when I wake up, I catch the sound of life. It’s in motion. It’s happening. Birds are singing outside my windows. People step on the floor. Annoying sound of the AC. My friends talk in an accent that I don’t understand. I write a lot these days, feeling happy to reflect on my true self. Thoughts, though sometimes depressing, are eventually beautiful. I am living days with sunshine pouring down all over the roads I pass by, with warm moisturing breeze reeving through my hair, with laughter and tears, vulnerability and bravery, and  the smiles in the eyes of people I love. Should I ask for more?

Every morning, there is a voice from my heart telling me that I am living the most beautiful days of my life. It also tells me that tomorrow and the next days will be even more and more beautiful.


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