Such a sweet week =).

I couldn’t help smiling this morning when I walked down stairs and saw the sand storm. I got my first sand storm in Doha today :D. Though my feet hurt like hell and I couldn’t walk properly, I still felt a great happiness. This week was such a random and hilarious yet sweet week.

Eventually, I could go on a road trip at night. Usually, I am not used to going out that late. But yesterday, I just felt the urge of going somewhere rather than the area we are living. So I decided to join them to celebrate July 4th in the most random way ever :).

It was not really a road trip and there was not only me. But we drove into the night. We got the car, the high way, the pressure burners. We got summer breezes, the radio and the city lights. And we got each other. There were 7 of us.

If I were asked a million times what I love the most in this city, I would answer the same: I love the city itself at night the most. We went to the beach and made fire by the sea. We took pictures, sang along to the radio, talked about everything and nothing. And played the water. I was feeling very safe and sound, even though I didn’t talk much or some parts of the conversations, I didn’t understand. But being with those people was such a peaceful feeling that I thought I could stay like that forever.

I remember what Chau said earlier about me, in the end, I am just a little vulnerable girl who never knows how to take care of myself. But I feel like I am the happiest girl in the world because wherever I go, I am surrounded by great people :).

I started to miss Catarina.


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