Happy anniversary <3

So celebrate my first month in Doha :D. Let’s see what I’ve got after one month here:

1. First sand storm in my life :D

2. 48*C outside

3. Beautiful noises and scents

4. Spectacular sunset on the desert

5. Lost 3 kgs :P (Which is not very nice)

6. Carak

7. Went to the beach and made firework at 3 AM

8. Cut my feet deeply =)

9. New friends who are all amazing!

10. Fell in love. With Doha and people around me :P.

Do you know what I want to do most now?

I want to pack up the heat of Doha, the scents and noises of Souq Wakif, the sunset, the sea water. I want to pack up all my breakdown, sadness, happiness, excitement, randomness, fear and bravery, and send it back home to you :) so that you can feel that I am living the most beautiful days of my life, being my authentic self.

Being vulnerable and brave.


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