These mornings.

The only wish these days is to get away from these buildings and skyscrapers. Don’t get me wrong. I love Doha. I do. As much as I love Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city. I guess I just miss the nature. Feel the urge to breathe the moisturing air, smell the salty sea water, bury my toes into the sand.

Refrain. Refrain. I’m going to have a break soon. Very soon. I’m going to Russia in its raining season. Such a good timing!

Recently, there has been a thought of settling down crossing my mind. I guess when you are traveling a lot, not staying in a place for more than 3 months, there will be a lot of times when you feel lonely, you miss home, miss some certain people who you can turn to to complain or to cry your heart out whenever you need. And that’s why sometimes in a middle of a journey, you want it to be your last one.

I guess that’s my case at the moment.

Sometimes when I wake up in the morning, I am killed softly by the loneliness which I cannot explain. My team is great. I love them very much. I am so comfortable being around them. Just being around them. But still, even being comfortable being around them, I cannot escape from the loneliness that I am not even seeking for.

At a point of time, normal sharing will be no longer enough. You will feel longing for a secret and personal interaction between only 2 people. I guess I just miss him too much. The color of his shirts. His voice. How he laughed. How he comforted me. His jokes. How I could turn to him saying that “I’m not okay”.

Going through all these ups and downs, there is only that person where I can find myself safe and sound being with.

Even when I am in the edge of ocean deep.


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