In the mood of penning down random stuff.

1. I got a new book :D. The last song by Nicholas Sparks. I watched the movie before and now I wanted to read the book. Just couldn’t help it when I was in the mall last night, though the main purpose at the beginning was to go buy medication for my hair.

2. Ramadan has been a great experience so far. Though I couldn’t fast due to the negative reaction of my body, I love the Ramadan spirit, especially the call for prayers every evening at around 6:25 PM. It’s a moving feeling when in a unfamiliar place, you discover how people live and eat and sleep, what they believe in and how strong their religion belief is. Yesterday, Kifah invited my to her place to have iftar (The first meal of the day to break your fast). Feras, Kifah’s friend, brought home cooked food from his house. We had rice with chicken (Believe me it’s the most wonderful rice and chicken in the world) and cake for dessert. It was so good! After iftar, I listened to them pray :). Though I couldn’t understand a word, I found it beautiful.

3. Yesterday, one of the interns gave me chocolate and said thank to me for what I have done to settle down the speeding ticket thingy with him when noone said a word. Another intern came to me and said: “I don’t know how things would go without you”. Lol. In the end, they were the ones who made me cry and brightened up my days at the same time.

4. Need to plan for my trip to Russia. Don’t know where to start. This is the hardest part for a random traveler who has never planned for travelling like me @@. But this time with the shortage of money, I need to plan.


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