Lost in Moscow.

I told Peti I would write a book about me getting lost in Moscow haha.

But it’s a good thing eventually. Because Moscow is gorgeous enough to get lost. No kidding.

I was waiting for boarding alone, again. Almost of my flights, I was alone, sitting in the departure, listening to all kinds of sounds, the voice from the speakers informing flight information, people talking; and smelling the smell of food and cosmetics from the duty free shops. I was often all by myself. Almost 12 hours waiting for transit in Sharjah without any sleep at all got me exhausted. I could hardly keep my eyes open. But when I stepped out from the airplane, the blue cloudy sky of Moscow immediately put a curve on my face. At that moment I knew I would love this place.

When I was on the train to city center, looking out through the windows, I saw the forest. The green foliage and brown trunks. The  fertile land. The first thing that came to my mind was that it was so green, so different from the land of Doha with blue sea and deserts. The sun lights and the winds in here were not the same to the ones that I experienced everyday in Doha, either. It’s just another nature in front of my eyes.

And yeh, as predicted, I got lost when it came to the metro thingy. I didn’t have a clue what all of those sign posts were about because none of them was in English. For a person with zero ability to recognize direction like me, it was totally a nightmare (Not to mention, I was carrying 3 bags with me). I took the wrong train and it took me to somewhere over the rainbow. I tried to ask people around but almost no one spoke English.

An interesting thing about people here is that they are very fast. In the metro, people walked pretty quickly. Lots of them didn’t even relax on the escalator. They were all listen to music and didn’t care about what was happening around.

As interesting as it is, Moscow seems to have 2 different layers of life in one city. Underground, there is complex and confusing metro system where you can find people from different classes. I have met a group of young people singing in the metro station for money. I have met men in fancy suits with a smart phone in his hand. I have met beggars. Young and old people. Decent and reckless ones. And underground, you could easily find a beautiful image of woman holding a bunch of flowers in their hands or young people kissing. I saw it in almost every train I have taken. I felt like after my Indonesian journey, this was the first time I looked to different parts of this society again.

Up above, when you got out of the station, you came to another layer of Moscow. It was neat and tidy. The buildings and the roads were very structured and everything seemed to be very organized and standardized.

Indeed, it’s very different from Doha.

I was very happy looking into every new aspect. It’s a moving feeling when in different places unfamiliar to your hometown, you manage to find out how people live :). It amazes me every single day.

When I got out of the station, I immediately caught the smell of a familiar vapor from the streets. It was raining. I remembered how I missed this smell during past 2 months. I guessed Moscow liked me. That was why it welcomed me with the rain and made me feel like I was at home.

I got to the hostel with the help of some nice men and beautiful Russian ladies. Some helped me to carry the bags. Some showed me the direction. Some helped me to call and bargain with the taxi. I knew I was always a lucky girl. Haha.

The hostel that I am staying is situated on a small and decent street where all of the buildings are designed with similar outlook.

I went out, walked down the streets, wandering. The chill wind blew through my hair and  touched my skin. The lights from stores, shops and clubs sparkled.

I felt like I could cry, realizing how I missed that feeling.

The feeling of being lonely and free.


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