To remember.


“Thank sis for staying by my side all the time when I was at the bottom of desperation. You gave me power to stand up and belief and courage to wait until today when it goes away, so I can back with a smile. I can’t image what I could do without you. Thank you so much!!! ♥”

I was surprised when I read this. I didn’t even expect that just some time I spent to listen to him and have those simple random conversations could mean a lot to him. Or maybe he was just over reacting haha.

But I was happy, knowing that I did something good for someone.


“Tonight when I was talking to my friend, she asked me if I knew her. I said I knew her face, her birthday, her parents, her school, her job, some of her stories and dreams.

Then she asked me if I understood her. I said I maybe understood a part of her, but you could never totally understand a person.

Then she smirked, said she hated it when people talked like they knew who she was. As if she acts the way they’ve never seen, they’ll say “No, it’s not you, you have to do this way, not that way”.

Well, who likes that?
By the way I had a chat with a colleague and he accused me of being afraid of telling my own stories. I said I never was, if you want something you have to ask for it. A good listener is not only quiet and listening all the time, a good listener asks good questions. You can never tell a story exactly the same every time. After all, one’s life is not a print book that you open it and read from year 1 to the day they died. It’s not in a CD that you hit the button and it starts playing till the end. Asking helps them to focus and you get what you wanna hear.
Listening is not easy, trust me, it’s an art. Not everyone can become a good listener. If it’s that easy sitting there quietly listening, you don’t need to talk to a person, find a tree and talk to it, it’s quite the same.”
Just miss her so much today.I miss it when I called her after my first team meeting, and cried over our skype chat. It was almost 10 PM. She took me out to eat our favorite “ngao xào”. She told me: “Don’t talk about work. Don’t worry about a thing. You have me. I believe you can.”I miss it when I wanted to change everything and set that high ambition for the term, people said that I was crazy and that I would never make it, she just simply held my hands and said: “I believe you can achieve even higher goal.” And she said that: “A lot of people also thought that Bac Ho was crazy” =)).

I miss it when she called me randomly in the middle of the night just to tell me: “Thanh, I wanna hold you so much now. You are so strong. Seem like nothing can knock you down.”

I miss it when I could turn to her to cry anytime.

I miss the faith and the love she gave me without any measures.

Today, in the middle of all these, I feel motivated just by thinking about her. And I was reminded what she told me before: “It’s not about how others see you. It’s about how you see yourself.”, which I almost forget.

This is the miracle that she helped me to create. I need to make it work.

And I love her because she knows who I am.


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