– I need to talk to you.

– Yo. How about tomorrow afternoon?

Got the reply one hour after sending the message. And I never had to wait for too long, even when he was busy travelling, finishing applications or attending conferences. I guess he always knew that whenever I said I needed to talk, I meant it. I realize nothing has changed, though now we are so apart and following different paths.

Just like he was always there for me during that one year, listening to me, arguing with me, freaking the hell out of me whenever he jumped into my skype in the middle of the night and asked me to go to sleep early :)), being wise, being tolerant and helpful.

I’m kind of a reserved person. I usually answer: “I’m good” when people ask me: “How are you”, even when I’m not. Few days ago, he asked me on Gtalk: “What’s up man?”. Without a second of hesitation, I replied immediately: ”:(“. And we started to talk. He is the one I can trust and be my true self with without being afraid of being judged or analysed, since he already knows me enough. I’m glad I’m still able to maintain this treasure friendship. And he’s still there to always start the conversations with me first, just as usual.

I’m glad that this friendship is so consistent.

I miss it. I miss him.


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