“Some people say getting closer to 30 makes them feel old, like the options are starting to disappear and they need to settle, become more responsible and miss their younger days. Sure, when all your friends or colleagues are getting married, having babies and buying a house, you start feeling like it’s what you should do too and what you should want. The pressure is there.

However, I feel like I have more possibilities than ever. Earlier this year, I decided to stop caring about what I think society expects me to do because I realized “society” really doesn’t give a shit about what I do. With age and maturity come a greater sense of freedom and confidence. When I compare myself to 20 year old Julie, I feel much more powerful, confident and wiser.Ā I tackled most of my insecurities and don’t care as much about other people’s opinion of me.Ā I have a greater sense of who I am, what is important to me and what I want, and I feel I have the power to make it happen.”


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