“Through chaos as it swirls…”

Photo: From Ha Linh’s blog

Sometimes I wondered if I missed the man of my life haha :)).

But “what we missed, we missed. And what we see under the sun is what we get”. :)

My phone randomly played that song today when I was talking to my friend. And all the memories, all of a sudden, flashed back.

In the middle of the conversation, I told him: “Let me know”, when he was hesitating to tell me some random stuff. And I startled since it was the way you always asked me when you “smelled” something wrong with me. If we were together, you would looked into my eyes and with the most tender tone of your voice, you said: Let me know. And if we were not, I still could hear that tone and feel that look. And those 3 little words were just enough to break all the shell that I wore :).

I remember how I told you my stories. How I were frustrated, unreasonable, selfish in front of you. And how you still embraced all these and handled me at my worst :)). And how gently wrapped your arms around me and told me: “It’s fine. We will figure this out together”. I remember it when you said: “Let’s meet/Let’s take this trip/Let’s do this/that together.” I remember how calm and certain you were to me.

For 5 seconds, I felt I missed you so much that I could die. I wanted to call you and hear your voice. But soon, I realized I only missed those feelings. And it naturally put a curve on my face.

I also wondered if you were telling someone the same stories that you told me. I do hope you have someone and you are happy. You know that I was, I am and I will be always thankful for the time we had together and for you always making me feel like I was only girl.

For me, where you are, what you are doing, who you are dating now is no longer important since I know you are living your dreams, just like I am. That’s where you find happiness. And for me, it’s enough.



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