I got home early last night, totally exhausted. All these stress, pressure and trouble sleeping knocked me down, mentally and physically

I crawled to my bed and busted out to tears, crying like a river.

In the middle of the crying process, Milena sent me massive messages on whatsapp and asked me if she could talk to me. I immediately stopped crying and went on skype. And when the crappy internet connection could no longer hold the conversation stable, we moved to whatsapp. I listened to her lame random stories of love, frustration and vulnerability.

I listened to her but I was not worried about her since I kinda knew how the flow would go. I smiled, talking to myself: “Well, it’s always like that. I know what’s gonna happen tomorrow .”

And all of the sudden, I realized things have never changed. She called me randomly in the middle of the night just as always. Our conversation was about the same issues to what we usually gossiped last year. She kept the same attitude when talking about it. I shared the same feelings.

Distance didn’t change a thing between us. And it actually doesn’t matter at all. It’s how we handle it that matters.

I had never believed in distance relationship before. They also said: Out of sight, out of mind. But this experience of living away from home and our beloveds in all forms of uncertainty and chaos makes me truly understand the meaning of being together, of being apart and of love. It makes me appreciate more what we  have in present. Once we grow more mature and are aware of what we actually have, we will gradually learn how to make it work under any circumstances.

And as Ha Linh said, love is strong.


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