My Phillip Phillips.

“The world from the side of the moon” sounds just like him. Simple and Genuine. Confident and full of positive lights, yet so humble and unique. Didn’t let me down at all. xD xD xD.

“Tell me a story” is my favourite track <3.

“Tell you a story and it starts with time
Most on how you lived, and learned how to die
Never fakes in this world that brings death to life
So don’t believe in everything you see
Because what you want might not be what you need
Hold your breath jump with me and we’ll survive
Cause you are the song that leads me to the light

Hope is just a ray of what everyone should see
Alone is the street where you found me
Scared of what’s behind
You always scared of what’s in front
Live with what you have
Now I make the best of what’s to come”


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