Moments that count :)

1. Isn’t it kind of awesome when in a strange place without your family, best friends and your love, you still had a warm and fuzzy Christmas with people you just met?
This was how Christmas looked like in the place that I am living now!
And those are my epic Christmas presents! Thanks to my amazing secret Santa!
And my favorite Christmas present is from my fluffy sweet random crazy boyfriend <3.
2. Yesterday, after lunch, Aziz did an impulsive drive up to some sand dunes and this was how we ended up.
I ran up to the highest peak and saw the whole city from above. It was spectacular. I took off my shoes and walked bare foot along the sand dunes. It was a great feeling burying my toes into the warm, moisture sand, felt it so smooth beneath my feet.
3. Got a loooong email from SK, which made me very happy. :)
“Haha. Miss you too. Do update me from time to time on your next moves. But don’t pressure yourself. You can always take time to think through what’s best for yourself at this point of time, and I can always give you my thought on it. 
Time flies, lady! I am repeating myself. Haha. Remember the time you dropped by here in KL and we managed to catch up for a while, with tram and others too. Sometimes I think moments like that count. and I hope you are creating and savoring lotsa moments like that in your endeavors out of Vietnam.”
4. Dad called me today, which totally turned my normal day into a nostalgic one. I miss home a lot. Especially when the new year is coming close. First new year eve without family :), I really wonder how it would feel :).

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