“Take a stand from a place of love”

It has been crazy during past few days. Long talks. Tears. Doubts. Depressions.

But I’m happy now, feeling safe and believing.

I remember in the session about personal values in Y2B IC last August, the host of the event, whose name I don’t remember, ended the session, saying: “Take a stand from a place of love”. It was a breath – taking moment for me. It was so powerful that in the end I ran up to the stage, queued just to wait until my turn to give him a hug and say thank to him for making it so meaningful.

But it seems that life never happens the way we want it to be. Pains, failures, disappointments, lies, ups and downs deprived me from always being aware of my true self, who I want to be and what I believe in.

Yesterday, in the middle of a tense conversation, he told me: You need to make a stand if you want to be happy. I didn’t realize what it meant to me right at that moment since my head was busy thinking nonsense. Only until today, when I read it over, did I realize that this has been always driving me, helping me to achieve, making me who I am right now and giving me the optimism, resilience and passion in the way I look at everything I do.

And he added: “When you love and trust someone unconditionally, you will be more open and easier to get hurt. But if you are always afraid, you can’t be happy” and “I want you to hear your heart, not your mind”. I told him a lot of times that he was fluffy :)). But from my heart, I knew he was right. And once again, he reminded me of what I always wanted to bring along my adventures: Vulnerability. Courage. Authenticity.

It’s awesome to find someone who you feel comfortable and happy being with.

But it’s even more amazing and powerful when you are in love with someone who brings you back to your true beautiful self, to who you truly are.

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
Came charging to get what we got…
They offered the crown and the offered the throne;
I already got all that I want…

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men;
They came marching through…
They offered the world just to have what we got,
But I found the world in you…
I found the world in you…

So darling, listen:
Your arms around me worth more than a kingdom…
Yeah, believe that
The trust that we feel the kings never felt that…

Yeah, this is the song that we sing…
We don’t need anything…
They can’t afford this;
This is priceless…
Can’t afford what we’ve got,
Not even the king…


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