Now we hurry on.

Going through all these, once I thought that when I came back home, I would just take a break for a while and think about what would be the next. But I was wrong. My feet were so used to being on the move.

What I am feeling right now is more than just empty and lonely. It’s like when you are made to stop all of a sudden while you are running fast, chasing something specific. Now you look at people moving around you, so vividly, you want to be in the flow, but it’s so hard to make a move.  You feel lost, disconnected and empty.

Everything is not the same anymore.

But I’m telling myself that this is just a temporary period of life. I will get through it. As always.

No matter how sick I still am, I’m gonna drag myself to Mega Star tmr. Need to recharge myself with movies like the old days.

“No, you’re not alone
The valley’s flushed and warm
And breathes a lazy mist
Take your time with it
All of it
And what we miss we miss
And what we see is what we get”


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