Month: August 2013

Trouble Sleeping.


(Photo: From Tu beo’s blog)

Say I’m a sensible princess, I won’t disagree. Just 2 cups of tea in the afternoon and now I’m awake. So this will be a very random blog of mine.

I was reading some old conversations on Gtalk. Remind me a lot of the time in Doha. Good time and bad time. Damn you, memory. :))

I have read somewhere that one of the key things to have a healthy relationship is to leave your ex gf/bf alone. Totally! That’s why I always have a principle that once we break up, we cannot/shouldn’t be friends again. Since I believe that kind of friendship can potentially trouble your/their current relationship. And if it harms your/their relationship, it should be over immediately.

I couldn’t find my sleep, but I found something else while searching for some music. I found the folder of music that D created in my laptop, with The Beatles, Billy Joel, George Straight and some old good mellow music that I used to listen when I just couldn’t sleep.Ā I thought I deleted it last summer. But it was here all the time. Haha well, I left the person alone but I guess I could keep the music for myself.

That’s the story of the good old days. Now I don’t have trouble sleeping anymore since every day after work, I just feel so exhausted that I can fall asleep right away. Of course, I no longer need that music to find my sleep. But I realized I loved it not only because it made me sleep better but also because it made me feel comfortable, happy and it was close to my heart. Probably I have forgotten a part of myself. Well, sometimes trouble sleeping is not that bad. It’s time to get back to these good old habits. And now, I’m here, scrambling some random words like I used to do.

Feeling good.